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The Future is NOW!

We have long felt the evolution of 3D Computer Modeling would sooner or later change the way Golf Courses are Designed. That time is here and now!
In the past Clients, investors, potential customers and even Designers themselves found difficulty in visualising exactly how 2D plans would really look in a finished 3D Golf Course.

Some Designers, seeing the course for the first time, have been known to make sweeping changes to already ‘finished’ holes creating crucial timeline delays and adding hundreds of thousands of dollars to construction budgets. Others, with dozens of simultaneous projects under construction, rely on the same tried and trusted formulas and concepts that have worked in the past, stifling innovation and originality.


Today, there is no excuse for this. Complex 2D Golf Course Plans can now be affordably converted into 3D ‘wire frame’ Computer models or realistically rendered and viewed as ‘Fly through’ Mini-Movies of the ‘finished’ Golf Course

The advantages are huge

• We can review and fine tune the design from any point on every hole on the golf course and adjust contours and features until we and our Clients are completely happy with the Design BEFORE any earthwork has been started! Changes can be instantly saved and a new contour plan printed potentially saving hundreds of hours of drafting time.
• Potential investors and property buyers can be shown REAL images of the Golf Course with views from any room in any house ‘pre-design’ on the development, enabling easier funding and pre-sales.
• Different bunker styles, shaping treatments, grassing and landscaping plans can be tested and refined, potentially saving enormous amounts of time and money and giving Clients confidence their golf course will exceed expectations.
• Expensive survey errors are more likely to be found during the 3D Modeling process potentially saving far more on this item alone than the cost of the entire simulation!

It is estimated the use of 3D wire frame drawings by the rough and finish grading contractors will speed up construction by as much as 30%.  This 30% factor is enormous, given it is one of the biggest line item costs in the golf course construction budget.

3D simulations simply eliminate confusion and thus expensive errors! The equipment operator can request a 3D view of a proposed feature from any location on site and set the level of view to replicate the exact position and location of the feature as they should see it.  Operators can request 3D images and have that image in their hands in less than 15 minutes from anywhere in the world.
Ironically, though adjusting and printing plans has become easier and more accurate, the necessity for elaborate, time consuming and expensive field control/feature staking is greatly reduced. “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

There is no clearer way of outlining how a golf hole feature should look than simply providing a picture for the operator to copy!

Morrow Tikkanen Golf Course Design has a Preferred Client arrangement in Asia with Digitech 3D, a ‘Cutting Edge’ provider of Accurate Surveys and Computer Models for Golf Courses and other large scale architectural projects. This preferred link allows us to provide Golf Course Simulations of our Designs as a part of our standard Design Service at no extra cost; a feature offered by no other Design Company in Asia today!