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About Us

Jon Morrow has been immersed in the game of golf since the age of 9. He played and coached the game of golf at every level and held Director of Golf level positions before embarking on a Course Design career. This broad exposure to the competitive and commercial sides of the game has provided a firm foundation for a career in Golf Course Design.

Jon represented Wales and Great Britain at Junior, Youth and Senior International levels as a player by the age of 18. Following a successful 4 year Golf scholarship at Florida State University, USA, Jon returned to the UK to pursue a playing and teaching/career.

In 1994 he opened Asia’s first Gary Player Golf Academy at the prestigious Blue Canyon C.C. in Phuket, Thailand, which he ran for nearly 8 years.
First hand experience competing in Britain, Europe and the US provided an invaluable database for Great Holes and Courses and the skills required to tame them.

Coaching beginner golfers on their initial steps on the course and helping students break 100, 90, 80 and even 70 for the first time, allowed him as an instructor to develop a unique empathy with golfers of all levels; an experience few of today’s ‘player/designers’ are ever likely to enjoy. There is perhaps no better education to understand playability’ in Golf Course Design. 

Al Tikkanen has been in Golf Course Construction for 35 years and has been involved in over 40 courses in 10 countries as Shaper, Consultant and Designer.
He has worked with an impressive list of blue chip firms, including several years with R.T. Jones Jr. It was ironically his experiences with the Big International Design Houses that confirmed his belief that the ‘Franchise’ method is a recipe for mediocrity in Course Design. 

Al’s unique talent and imagination are truly realized when given the freedom to fine tune the Golf Course Scheme in the Computer Modelling phase and on the ground during Construction proper. His vast experience, creativity, passion for the game and unrivalled shaping ability make him one of the very best ‘On site’ Designers in Golf.