Our Philosophy - "Limited Edition Design"

  For an architect to try to give a golf hole "personality" exclusively using a piece of paper, in my opinion, is a futile endeavor. To give a golf hole a life of its own is a creation born in the heart and actually lived. Surely a golf hole designed and constructed by the same individual(s) will undoubtedly be far more detailed and expressive.

Al Tikkanen 

History tells us Golf’s truly great golf courses were the product of a passionate Design Team committing their total time and energy into just ONE golf course at a time.

This philosophy stands as true today as it did when Sunningdale, Pine Valley, Cypress Point, Royal Melbourne and Hirono were crafted on four corners of the globe in Golf Design’s glorious Golden Age nearly a century ago. When gifted individuals invested time where it truly mattered, overseeing and fine tuning the work full time ON THE GROUND as the various holes came to life.

We may only dream of emulating these works. But by matching their commitment to great Routing Plans weaving the course naturally into its terrain, originality and innovation in planning, and imaginative use of the site’s best natural features, we too are able to create timeless Golf Courses of character, charm and beauty. Courses that sit comfortably in their landscape and that ALL types of players will enjoy and feel stimulated to challenge again and again.  

Cutting edge 3D Technology now enables accurate and realistic modeling of our Design before any money has been spent in the field. The ability to ‘see’ and fine tune the Design in the Computer Studio fits hand in glove with our goal of using the site’s unique natural and topographical features to create bold, imaginative holes and ultimately memorable Golf Courses.
Despite leaving no stone unturned during planning, we know that only by putting our heart and soul into our work IN THE FIELD and by taking direct responsibility for all feature shaping work, can we expect to squeeze every ounce of character, individuality and natural interest out of the landscape to create the best Golf Course on each and every property.

Morrow Tikkanen – Limited Edition, Memorable,  World Class Golf Design

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